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BroadCable Communications

BroadCable Communications, Inc.
Office Address: 912 Marbea Subdivision, Barangay Sta. Cruz, Magalang, Pampanga
Mobile: 0923-726-3186 or 0998-565-5518 or 0917-586-1966
Landline: (045) 343-4580

BroadCable Communications, Inc. was incorporated in December 1994 with an authorized capital of Php 8-million.

In November 1996, it was granted authority by the National Telecommunications Commission to establish cable TV systems in Arayat and Magalang towns in Pampanga. In 1999, BroadCable annexed Sta. Ana by buying out the operator, Satellite Cable Network, owned by a group headed by Rodolfo Mallari.

In 2000, the company applied for and was given provisional authority to operate in Pandacaqui, Mexico, site of the ambitious Pampanga housing project of the Joseph Estrada administration.

The controlling investor is Felicito Bautista together with his wife. The rest of the investors are Bautista’s six brothers and sisters, five of whom are residing in the United States.

Management is in the hands of Bautista as president and general manager. He is assisted by his wife Edith Bautista as treasurer, Raquel Bautista as accountant-office supervisor, Dennis Munoz as operations manager, Manfred Sol as technical supervisor and two financial and engineering consultants. Total manpower, both permanent and casual, is 18 all of whom are registered with the SSS and Philhealth.

The company’s entry into the flourishing Internet business in March 2017 is both inevitable and wise. In this timely and exciting venture, it is partnering with NexLogic, the young and aggressive group now making a name for itself in the telecommunications industry. NexLogic has both the technical and financial capabilities to provide BroadCable enough ammunition to be able to compete with entrenched Internet players.

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